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Best Wall Decors for your Living Room

Best Wall Decors for your Living Room

Complete your wall with Pequra!

One thing that we all dream of is to have a home that we can proudly call our own. A house that defines us, that speaks of our personalities and gives us the most comfortable vibes. In this busy hustling routine, when you get back to your home after a long day, the least you expect from your place is to be beautiful and cozy.

Speaking of that, one of the most important rooms in our homes include a living room. It’s that corner where you spend most of the time with your family — also, the first place a guest ever notices entering your home. While there are so many home decors available in the market, it gives you the liberty to choose from a variety and pick something that matches your taste. However, there a very few products that are timeless and attractive at the same time.

To make your hard work easy, Pequra presents to you some of the best wall decors for your living room:

  • Blue Floral Wall Decor

Glam up your living room by introducing it to this gorgeous piece of blue metal wall décor. It’s a three-layer flower made with metal petals in blue with a golden outline giving it a sophisticated edge. The layering pattern enhanced the overall look airing a 3D Effect.

Make sure you place it on the right wall. That is not very clumsy with other wall decors. The wall that is completely plain with enough area would be perfect for this one. Once done, witness the room beaming like never before.

  • Iron Flower Wall Decor

Sometime when there are too many colors already in the room, it’s wiser to opt for a wall décor that would complement each furniture and still look fabulous. This gold iron flower décor is one of them. It is featured with beautiful cuts and intricate detailing making it a unique artsy piece.

Coated in gold foil, it assures durability along with a rich look.

  • Bodhi Tree with Led Light

Inspired by nature, this metal tree wall décor with LED light will instantly draw the attention of every visitor that comes to your home. It adds a luxurious feel to the room, taking its aura to a top-level. Also, as it’s in copper color, you don’t have to worry about it matching the furniture.

However, make sure you measure the size of your wall and place is accordingly as otherwise, it may end up looking tacky.

  • Jali Flower Wall Décor

Want to have a classy yet subtle wall décor? We have got you covered. This yellow flower piece is an absolute stunner for all those who own a living room with minimal colors. It adds the right amount of brightness required without going overboard. It’s a unique design, and delicate detailing is what makes it stand out among other pieces.

It is crafted with high-quality metal and brushed with the gold coating with a slight hint of orange and green to create a beautiful contrast of colors.

Well, these are just a few pieces, head on to the “Wall Décor” category on our website to have a glance of other spectacular wall decors.

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