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Starting the year on a fresh “Rug”

Starting the year on a fresh “Rug”

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly fallen in love with that space? Well, the reason can be anything, sometimes it’s the warm people who welcome you, at times it’s the design. You immediately feel a sense of belonging just by stepping-in, in those places.

While we are all entering in a new decade with lots of new dreams and aspirations, one of them definitely; is to build a beautiful home. A home that isn’t just top-notch in aesthetics but also is comforting. After all, it’s your personal space, and there is no way you would want it to be an average.

Now it’s a no brainer that the beauty of a home lies in the small details. The kind of furniture you pick or the color palette you choose. And one of the most critical elements of your home décor is the rug. Yes! Let’s just say it’s that one piece of interiors that either makes it or breaks it.

So here we are, to share with you some of our favorite designer rugs from the collection of Pequra, worth considering for a gorgeous make-over to your house.

  • Beige and brown abstract printed, hand woven Pequra rug

 Beige and brown abstract printed

Do you believe in keeping things minimalistic yet classy? If your answer to that is yes that, then this beige rug from our collection is perfect for your home. It’s a beautiful rectangle shaped hand-woven rug featuring an abstract print. Abstract prints are popularly known for lending a royal touch. Also, since it’s beige, you can easily place it in your living room without worrying much about it matching the furniture.

Luckily, when you own a rug that is kind of subtle, you can play with the color scheme of other movables of the room like the sofa set or the chair. For example, go for a multi-printed sofa set or bright colored chair to enhance the overall look of the space.

  • Beige, black and grey rectangle wool Pequra rug

Black and Beige PIle Rug 

Woolen rugs are trending and are making a robust comeback in 2020. They feel so soft on the touch that you would surely want them to be added to your house or office.

Presenting you this beige, black, and grey rug from our collection, made of 100 % wool, which ensures hard-wearing and long-term durability. Nonetheless, apart from its brilliant quality, it keeps the style factor at par too. It is equipped with unique design in black and grey threads creating a stunning pattern in all.

Place it anywhere in your home, and it's sure to complement the other interiors. For a better outlook, you can add a few golden antiques to the room like a golden brass or a side table.

  • Black and Grey hand woven wool Pequra rug

 Black and Grey Hand Woven Rug


There are times when you intentionally fill the room with less furniture to have a bigger space overall. For areas like these, it’s wiser to opt for rugs that set off a sophisticated impression leaving the room with an uplifting design.

Presenting you with one such piece, here’s a black and grey hand-woven woolen rug with vertical stripes. Owing to its gorgeous color scheme and design, it will bestow your room a clean and elegant layout without experimenting much with other articles. Moreover, the rug is curated incredibly soft wool and consists of a cushion base, making it perfect for your kids to play around on the floor, not worrying about their safety.

For more such options and a greater variety, head on to the page of designer rugs on our website. We know you would love them all.

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