5 Buying Tips for Handmade Rugs

5 Buying Tips for Handmade Rugs

Whether it's a handmade Rug for your Living Room, Kids Room, Dining or your Bedroom one should consider this 5 Buying tips for handmade rugs before any handmade rug. 

It’s a new decoration project or time to add new home decor items in your rooms, Handmade rugs should be among the top five in your list. Your room gets a Trendy luxurious and comfortable look, with a smartly selected handmade rug for your floor. 

The right rug can make or break the décor of a room. If your rug is outdated, your room might appear as it went back in time. If the colors clash with your furniture and wallpaper, your room might feel too busy looking. Sifting through various prints, color palettes, and textures can be rather overwhelming, so we’ve taken the time to outline the top trends in Indian handmade rugs for homes.


1. Size of the Rug:

Deciding the size of the rug depends on the room size and the area available in the room. We would suggest not to guess the size of your rug better to measure your area where you want to place the rugs by measuring tape. Once you have your rug size measured you can easily choose the rug from various standard sizes available or can decide to get your rug customized (If option available with the store)     

2. Colour of Rug

Colors play an important role in our life as well as in our Decor, So choosing the right color means absolute peace of mind. Handmade Rugs can be a beautiful centerpiece to a room by adding a simple pop of color. For Example, If your room is mostly neutral colors with a hardwood floor, a single-toned area rug will stand out against the muted backdrop. Choose a color which goes with your current decor or your color theme, Don't be afraid of colors try bold and playful colors to brighten the room. You can possibly get all the colors in the rug. 

3. The Theme of the Rug  

Interior of the house, furniture, If its a master, dining, living or Kids room decides what style of the rug is required. If your interior and furniture are traditional then go for a traditional rug.  If it's Modern than go for Modern Rug designs or contemporary rug collection. There are various other styles available for example Plush Rugs or Shaggy Rugs are very much popular and can add a cozy feel to your room. If the rug is for Kids room than surely choose from Kids Rugs Collection. Kids love the fun patterns as well homeowners. Indian style rugs suit all ages and usages.

4. The Best Material for the Rug

There is an uptrend in purchases of rugs made of eco-friendly and organic materials. Natural Fibers like jute, hemp, coir, sisal, mohair, wool lend themselves to an organic & eco-friendly product. 

Woolen Rugs are the most famous and durable. Other types include cotton rugs, Jute Rugs, Viscose Rugs, Bamboo Rug, etc. Of late combination of fibers are also very much popular.  

5. Construction of the Rug

Rugs & carpets are being made in very different styles.  Traditionally Handwoven and Hand-Knotted Rugs are valuable. As older, they age higher there value becomes. In Modern days rugs are produced in many different techniques like Hand Tufted, Machine Made, Shaggy, etc. Indian Rugs are made by hands. 

Choose the rug which suits you the best.

Born in India and raised by a family with 3rd generation in the handmade rug weaving and Exporting Family, I have seen rug-making art since childhood. 

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Happy Shopping !!!

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